Update:  Ignore the scam analyze page that was created to discredit this blog's warning about those who are still pushing out scam versions of the sites I mentioned below.  Thank You!!

For those of us looking to make extra money online, we often come across sites that appeal to our "inner money making" ambitions hoping we discover a quick fix to our cash flow problems. 

But, paid-to-surfscam sites are everywhere, duping us into believing that by just signing up and viewing/clicking advertisements (whether manual or autosurf) offering anywhere from $.05 to $.40 per view/click with upgrade bonuses that increase earning potential will mean.. cometh!
(with little to no effort, aside from sitting and clicking all day)

But, you'll sign up, view a bunch of sites and spend a lot time building up your account balance & referrals so you can cash out, only to eventually find out―
Well, that's exactly what happened after I signed up to a f…